Silverized Wig Cap Liner

TG Hair Toppers

Therapeutic, comforting & antibacterial caps for partial to total hair loss and sensitive, inflamed scalps.

The cap fits snug to the head and there are no inside seams for comfort.

  • Wicks moisture away from scalp
  • Grip elastic band helps wigs to stay in place
  • Raw material : 79% polyamide + 21% elastomer
  • Plating: 99% pure silver

 Our wig liner caps are made with silvered Jersey knit for effective protection against germs. The silver is irreversibly bonded to the polymer so it does not wash out. These proprietary textiles have been tested for more than 100 washes without reduction in antibacterial effects. 


Machine or hand wash cold using a mild soap or baby shampoo. Hang to dry.

  • No dry cleaning
  • No bleach or fabric softener
  • No ironing

Made in NYC